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  • A Digital Reset and other links for the new year

    Anil does a personal digital reset each year. I took this as a motivator to improve my relationship with Twitter. However, I didn’t do a complete unfollow as he does. Instead, I used Tokimeki’s unfollow tool. I dropped about 200 accounts. I also got rid of some lists. I found myself particularly interested in decreasing […]

  • XOXO Fest 2015: Quotes and Queries

    XOXO Fest 2015: Quotes and Queries

    “Was it worth your fam or worth all a the fame? Exchange your personal relationships for personal gains.”—Wale, The Glass Egg “My desire to do it the way it is being done is.” – Heather Armstrong (Dooce) What do you give up of yourself to make money (on the internet but, really, in any gig)? […]

  • Nostalgia Vibez

    Nostalgia Vibez

    “They are the waters of March, closing the summer and the promise of life and the joy in your heart.” – Bossacucanova, Aguas de Março (feat. Cris Delanno) Aaron Hawkins and Brad Graham are looking at me from the stage. They’ve been gone from this world a while now and yet, here they are. Anil […]

  • My Tumblr is Tryin’ to Tell Me Somethin’

    “If I were you I would say yes.” – Margaret “Shug” Avery, Maybe God Is Tryin’ to Tell You Somethin’ Make something people will love.  “We used to have Internet companies we loved. This isn’t rose-tinted nostalgia about The Good Old Days; The apps were uglier, and harder to use, and less popular back then. […]

  • The Story of Yay (or why I’ve stuck with Flickr)

    “My heart will never feel, will never see, will never know.” – Grimes, Genesis One of the things that I’m most proud of from the last 5 years is that, for a time, I was the #3 result for the word “yay” in google image search. I’m down around #8 now but it’s still my […]