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  • How to Read and other links for my last day of PTO

    The love of my life shared this piece by Kate Harding yesterday and as she tweeted: [this is good] “Today’s reader will simply not accept the baton being passed. If something is unclear, the author must expand; if something offends, the author must account and atone.” I was drawn to fashion articles this week, including […]

  • A Digital Reset and other links for the new year

    Anil does a personal digital reset each year. I took this as a motivator to improve my relationship with Twitter. However, I didn’t do a complete unfollow as he does. Instead, I used Tokimeki’s unfollow tool. I dropped about 200 accounts. I also got rid of some lists. I found myself particularly interested in decreasing […]

  • A Good Liar and the other best links of the week

    “Here I am lying again on some level, which I promised I wouldn’t do—and I’m lying in some ways to the person I love most.” – Stephen Glass in Bill Adair’s incredible essay on who the disgraced journalist became in the two decades since being outed as a fabulist. It’s worth giving up your email […]