A Good Liar and the other best links of the week

“Here I am lying again on some level, which I promised I wouldn’t do—and I’m lying in some ways to the person I love most.”

Stephen Glass in Bill Adair’s incredible essay on who the disgraced journalist became in the two decades since being outed as a fabulist. It’s worth giving up your email address to read.

Kim Mulkey is not among my favorite college basketball coaches. Michelle Voepel’s illuminating profile, however, gives a lot more insight into the whole person she is and showcases why her players tend to ride so hard for her. Baylor should’ve put her name on the court.

“I became aware that inside of their performance, inside of their music, there was a performance that had to do with identity. They were playing with gender; they were upending expectations. It’s the idea that, in a perfect world, we should be allowed to create, with real freedom and with flexibility, who we want to be.”

Tessa Thompson in Wesley Lowery’s Ebony Magazine Cover story

“It is true the traditional financial system has not provided access, and frankly exploited Black people,” said Darrick Hamilton, professor of economics and urban policy at the New School. “But the remedy isn’t to turn to another vulnerable system, however well-intended it may or may not be. The remedy is a public sector that ensures they have access in an equitable way.”

Despite the valid concerns, I love the Spotify algorithm. It is, by far, my most used digital service.

Speaking of music, spoiler that the Live at the BBC compilation of Amy Winehouse performances will be among my top albums of the year. I hope this exhibit gets to travel to the US.

Let your leisure time be leisure time, y’all.

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