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  • A Digital Reset and other links for the new year

    Anil does a personal digital reset each year. I took this as a motivator to improve my relationship with Twitter. However, I didn’t do a complete unfollow as he does. Instead, I used Tokimeki’s unfollow tool. I dropped about 200 accounts. I also got rid of some lists. I found myself particularly interested in decreasing […]

  • Soul Control

    Soul Control

    I’m grateful for a commitment to morning rituals this week. For music and chores and coffee making and meditation and journaling before being sucked into notifications and messages and the terrible or absurd or disappointing news of the day.

  • How To Do Nothing

    How To Do Nothing

    Ah, let’s see what fresh horrors await me on the fresh horrors device.

  • The Switch

    “I’ll take nothing in place of you.” – D’angelo and the Vanguard, Betray My Heart I was at Disneyland with my friends. It was around lunch time and we were enjoying drinks and a light meal inside the Carthay Circle restaurant in Disney’s California Adventure. We all were charging our phones a bit. Mine, surprisingly […]

  • This Podcast Life

    “Play with me and you’ll play with fire.” – Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, Retreat! It’s probably been eight or so years since I’ve regularly listened to podcasts. You know, back in the first hey day of the medium. Back then it was Left, Right, and Center and Wait, Wait and a few other shows […]

  • Drunk on Beyoncé

    “I get filthy when that liquor gets into me.” – Beyoncé, Drunk in Love (feat. Jay Z) I’ve talked about little else other than this album since it released Thursday night. Beyoncé’s self-titled visual experience is worthy of all the acclaim and as people, like myself, have spent an inordinate amount of time listening to […]

  • Ephemera

    “Now she’s long…long gone.” – The Black Keys, She’s Long Gone When there are events in the world, the event and the conversation surrounding it unfold on Twitter, the entirety of the experience of that event can be much more rich and engaging and deep on Twitter…The challenge when you try to put these event […]

  • November 2013 Personal Report

    “From the outside everyone must be wondering why we try.” – Jessie Ware, Wildest Moments November of two thousand thirteen felt like the first month of the year when all things in my life were on point. Work has been great and I can’t wait to show you what we’re coming up with. I made […]