November 2013 Personal Report

“From the outside everyone must be wondering why we try.”Jessie Ware, Wildest Moments

November of two thousand thirteen felt like the first month of the year when all things in my life were on point.

Work has been great and I can’t wait to show you what we’re coming up with.

I made time for friends and family throughout the month and felt invigorated by their energy and love and warmth whether at Thanksoween, my sister’s house warming, dinner with Team Toney at our house, or now, with the In-Laws in Greensboro.

I said yes to just about every invite which presented me with Jessie Ware live, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and J.Rocc, The Book of Jezebel reading and signing event, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and a tour of the Grand Central Market.

I took care of me. I finally visited the doctor for the pain in my right leg that had kept me from working out for most of the previous six weeks. I took my medicine, followed the instructions, and am back to the gym in force and running at length. And, if you follow me on fitbit, ignore this past week. It’s too damn cold here for steps.

Our house is a home and not a sty. This is a big deal and very uncommon. Trust.

Others can be the judge of this but I know I made the effort to be more present, more accessible, and more concerned with keeping my commitments.

November is a time for gratitude. I’m grateful for whatever stars aligned to make it such a positive one for me in what has been a year of incredible ups and downs.


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