2013 Annual Report

“Wasted time, can’t get that back, so everything I go hard.”Pusha T, No Regrets


These were the goals for 2013 (written in February):

  • Do more of what makes you awesome
  • Be more invested…
    • In the lives of those I love
    • In the moment
    • In my own well-being
  • Go outside and see, do, live

The last one is easy to assess. I saw nearly 20 musical performances live this year. I started going to yoga on most Saturdays. I traveled to Greensboro, Denver, New Orleans, Louisville, Palm Springs, La Jolla and San Diego, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and even stay-cationed in Santa Monica for Valentine’s Day. I walked more, biked more, and ended the year spending way more time in public transportation than my car. I accepted more invitations than I declined and I regularly felt inspired by my experiences away from most of my screens.

I won’t be making my goals for 2014 for another month but I hope this trend grows and continues. Ray spent his 2013 going to 157 shows which is insane but also feels like a challenge. More shows in 2014, y’all. Must.

I feel ill-equipped to determine how I did on being more invested. One of the interesting parts of living in the default of optimism is I have short memory for “bad things.” So, what I know is that I was much more deliberate about being engaged and admonished myself (often in my journal) when I noticed I wasn’t. I did spend more time with my sister this year. I saw friends near and far a little more often and tried to make the most of that time. I relished the moments when Tiffany and I turned off our gadgets and just talked.

I didn’t see my parents as much as I would’ve liked. I didn’t talk to my extended family as much as I would’ve liked (but more than I’ve done in recent years). I skipped a funeral.

In matters of my own well-being, I read more. I wrote more. I learned a little bit. I got easily derailed from my commitments to physical health. I’m more successful at getting back to exercise and far less good at staying on the eat right train. As usual.

And so we get to the big question: Did I do more of what makes me awesome? At work, I think so. I struggled with managing a team from afar but we accomplished most of our goals for the year. I stayed committed to quality and discipline and a balanced and pragmatic approach to strategic decisions. I took advantages of opportunities as they presented themselves and created some great opportunities in the process.

In life as a whole, I worked hard at being kind. Outside of people on terrible reality television shows, I presumed the best of intentions of those I interacted with more often than I thought the worst. I’d like to think that’s my default now. Should we meet, know that I assume you are intelligent and capable and that I don’t know the troubles in your life. I hope our interaction is filled with dignity and compassion.

I’m sure I fail at “being more awesome” constantly but I’m trying y’all. And because I made it a goal and a practice this past year, I’d like to think I got a little bit better at it ever day.

Thanks 2013. 

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