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  • 2020 in Music

    2020 in Music

    Music that represented how I wanted to feel in 2020: present, thoughtful, wise, and focused on the future.

  • 2017 in Music

    “Love. Long as we got…”—SZA, Love Galore 2016 ended in such a discombobulated fashion that I didn’t do my usual annual accounting of the music that mattered. At least not in a blog post. In some private slack channel, Solange’s A Seat at the Table was my most important album of the year while DJ […]

  • My Favorite Music of 2014

    “When everything’s clear like cold water go feel better.“ – Little Dragon, Klapp Klapp I rather enjoyed music this year. As I spent time re-listening to albums and songs in preparation for this post, I realized how much music I heard that I thought was genuinely good and interesting. In the midst of all the […]

  • The Story-Reading Animal

    “All you ever did was break me.” – Miley Cyrus, Wrecking Ball I read 24 books over the past 52 weeks. And, as usual, it’s hard to select a favorite one. I only read for pleasure so if I don’t like a book, I don’t finish it. If I do finish one, I found the […]

  • My Favorite Music of 2013

    “So go on be my dealer, babe.” – Justin Timberlake, Pusher Love Girl The song I listened to most this year was the one quoted above. It’s off of The 20/20 Experience (part 1. Part 2 should probably die in a fire), the album I had listened to the most this year until this past […]

  • 8 Moments That Show You Why Art Don’t Sleep in LA

    “A.N.G.E.L.” – Miguel Atwood-Ferguson w/ 60 Piece Orchestra, Angel (feat. Dwele)  What you know about The Beat Junkies? The Mayan Theatre? Andrew Lojero? Carlos Niño? The Gaslamp Killer? J.Rocc? That Syndromes Mixtape? Multiculti LA? And the incredible Miguel Atwood-Ferguson? Those that do be knowin’ congregated at what counts as church for us this past Sunday […]

  • Louisville is for Lovers

    “Like a kiss of sunshine on my face” – Basement Jaxx, What A Difference Your Love Makes Tiffany and I were asked to do a reading that excerpted part of this conversation between Calvin and Hobbes about love at a wedding this past weekend and were delighted to do so. I’m still all filled up […]

  • The Best Thing About August 2013

    “Why can’t we tell somebody?” – Luther Vandross, Your Secret Love In August, I committed to doing the work of being a curious soul. To read in a deliberate fashion. To write in a deliberate fashion. To follow my imagination where it leads. There were little victories like making a commitment to writing and reading […]

  • The Best Thing This Week: Quadron

    “Open your mind like a child.” – Quadron, It’s Gonna Get You I’ve seen Quadron, and Coco O. specifically, perform live several times now. Three times in the last 12 months, in fact. I’m enamored with Coco’s voice, her delightful energy, her style, and this sense that she’s still amazed that she’s on stage performing […]

  • The Best Thing Ever This Week: Fall

    “Lost beside the sound of the wind.” – King Britt presents Sylk 130, Seasons Change All rights reserved by Ironlak The first Monday of October in Los Angeles can be a record breaking hot day. Just a few days later and you’re snug under the blankets thankful for the warmth. One moment you’re obsessed with the […]