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8 Moments That Show You Why Art Don’t Sleep in LA

“A.N.G.E.L.”Miguel Atwood-Ferguson w/ 60 Piece Orchestra, Angel (feat. Dwele) 

What you know about The Beat Junkies? The Mayan Theatre? Andrew Lojero? Carlos Niño? The Gaslamp Killer? J.Rocc? That Syndromes Mixtape? Multiculti LA? And the incredible Miguel Atwood-Ferguson?

Those that do be knowin’ congregated at what counts as church for us this past Sunday night and we were elevated… 

(note that instagram isn’t very kind to their video and don’t show play buttons. Some of these are playable. click!) 

My favorite song. And if you’re paying attention, you can see my head nodding. 

This is a moment so nice, you need to see it twice… 

In LA, art don’t sleep. And we’re forever grateful.

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