It Runs Through Me

I’m grindin’ on the back side of life, we dance.

— Posdnuos

Meditation: Tap into Happiness, 11 minutes


I was on the receiving end of several “thank yous” this week. I was thanked for hosting a meal. I was praised for conversations had, and meetings led. My job description suggests my work would be all numbers and data and whatever secrets I can get them to whisper to me.

In actuality, my value is in the soft parts. I rarely get thanked for providing reports. Gratitude comes when I communicate effectively. People give thanks when I’m persuasive and thoughtful and gracious.

We visited the Jasper Johns special exhibition at The Broad, yesterday. The exhibit circles around this quote from the artist:

One hopes for something resembling truth, some sense of life, even of grace, to flicker, at least, in the work.

— Jasper Johns, 2006

Grace and truth and life are the things I’m grateful for this week. It’s the last day of another year on this blue marble for me. May those things run through me well into the next one.

Thank you.

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    Love this.


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