A list of things I’m doing while my wife is away being awesome


 “I just can’t wait to get you home with me.” Tuxedo, Get U Home

Tiffany is off to Washington DC for a few months doing good works. She’s been doing cool shit all year (ed. note: Have you bought CSS Master yet? Stop reading right now and improve your code life) but this is the first time she’s left for an extended period since our union.

It’s only been like three days but dang. The house is too quiet. Time has slowed down. And, I need projects.  


Kid President tweeted this just this morning, and I’m on board.


  • Say yes to invitations, requests for my company, requests for my service, and the like. When in doubt, Say Yes.

Things to which I have already said yes:

    21 Day Challenge

    I’m focusing on my fitness y’all. The eight or so people that actually watch my snaps with any regularity know I’ve been toying with a fitness challenge. I tried one at the beginning of October: a 30 day commitment that died on day 14 when my legs gave out. This month, I’m going to give it another go.

    • 21 Days of running or biking. At least 20 minutes. Preferably 30. No Days Off.

    I’ve also been wanting to try a meal service. I have proven over 40 years that I don’t really have the personal discipline to manage my own eating in a healthy manner and with Tiffany not here cooking regularly, the risk of lots of Chipotle and Popeye’s runs is high so…

    I just had some breakfast tacos. Not bad. Not bad at all.  

    2015-11-01 10.58.43.jpg2015-11-01 10.58.43.jpg

    Netflix and Clones

    Derrick peeped me to this chronological list for viewing the animated series Star Wars:The Clone Wars which I’ve watched in bits & pieces over the years but never consistently. It’s been much more enjoyable this way.

    I also plan to finish Narcos and finally watch Amazon’s Transparent and then get immersed in Marvel’s Jessica Jones which looks even better than Daredevil which I very much enjoyed  

    Tool Time

    There are projects around the house that need tending. I’m going to make a list of them and…probably send them to our landlord. I’m not Fix-It Felix. I may do some re-organizing, though. Sorry, Tiffany.

    Reading List

    Books and everything in my Pocket. I cleared so much out of my backlog yesterday afternoon. I felt smarter and unburdened.

    Currently Reading

    On Deck


    Oh, and writing right here on this blog. Ideally, every day.


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