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  • Holidays 2017, Explained (Part One)

    “This is the school for fools in love. Did I mention? Pay attention!” —Bootsy Collins, Worth My While (feat. Kali Ulchis) Last May, I mentioned wanting to get back to New Orleans by the end of this year. Our anniversary had just passed, Robert E. Lee’s statue had been removed from Lee Circle, and I […]

  • Thank You

     “There’s no righteousness in your darkest moment.” — Sleater-Kinney, Sympathy Thank you, 2015, for pushing me to go beyond what’s comfortable. For giving Tiffany great work opportunities and a shake up to her routine (and mine). For London. For meaningful conversations with loved ones. For Dominique Toney on my tv. For Omaha. For 80 years […]

  • A list of things I’m doing while my wife is away being awesome

       “I just can’t wait to get you home with me.” – Tuxedo, Get U Home Tiffany is off to Washington DC for a few months doing good works. She’s been doing cool shit all year (ed. note: Have you bought CSS Master yet? Stop reading right now and improve your code life) but this […]

  • That Evening with Norman Lear

    “Took a whole lot of tryin’ just to get up that hill.” – Janet Du’Bois, Movin’ On Up Kenya Barris, creator of Black-ish, and Baratunde Thurston, author of How to Be Black and probably the internet’s favorite negro, were on stage with Touré and the incomparable Norman Lear when Kenya asked a question. “How […]

  • All filled up on Black misery

    “That’s all I have left. Just let me hide” – Joann Garrett, Walk on By By all accounts, 12 Years A Slave is a masterful film expertly acted and directed. It’s powerful and moving and meaningful. It’s everything an Important Film should be. I probably won’t see it. At least not in the theater. I […]