#WorthWatching: Making Jesus Sexy

First thing you should know is that if you only watch one clip in this video, watch The Choir episode 1 from 55 seconds in until about 2:40. Trust me.

There’s a lot of weird and awesome and sublime in these 7 clips. Most weird is Ace Discovery which I’m not even sure I can explain or defend. Most awesome is probably Beyonce’s clip with appearances by Les Twins, Kid President, and some of her youngest and most delighted fans.  

I noted on twitter that I don’t watch RuPaul’s Drag Race (mostly because it doesn’t come in HD on our TV yet) but I am subscribed to RuPaul Drives… Check the premiere episode featuring Henry Rollins and a conversation about looking for love and you’ll see why. 

Oh, and we close out the playlist with three songs. Two are comedy tracks and one is from The Foreign Exchange’s upcoming album

And all three are weird and awesome and sublime. 


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