I’m privileged. I’ve rarely felt afraid for my person. I’ve never feared violence would come into my home. I’ve never lived in places where I thought safety was an issue. I’m a man.

So, I wake up this morning with just a question: Why do we, as Americans, find guns in the home so necessary? All kinds of guns. From the six shooter to the semi-automatic rifle. From the shotgun relatives of mine might keep under the bed so that they feel secure in their sometimes violent neighborhoods to the air rifle used in Newtown, Connecticut.

I don’t understand it. I spent two weeks in Indonesia last year and read the local news daily. In the 4th largest country in the world, two weeks went by without a mention of gun violence. The most serious criminal issue in the Jakarta Post (and it was covered for several days) was about a man brandishing a knife on a college campus threatening people. I don’t believe anyone was hurt in the incident. It was so stark a difference for the headlines in my local paper that I marveled at it every day.

Other countries with societies and freedoms and economies and people similar to our own don’t go through what we go through every day as it relates to guns and the deaths they cause here. Why do we believe the trade-off is worth it? Life for unregulated freedom to own all types of guns.

Help me understand.


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