I wasn’t planning to stay.

— Norman Connors (featuring Adaritha)

I’m now accepting invitations. In just a few days, I will be two weeks beyond my covid vaccination and open for socializing. If you are similarly inoculated, please extend and accept invites for in-person hangouts inside and outside of doors for varying lengths of time. We might stand closer to each other than six feet apart and remove our masks for a bit. Hugs are appreciated but not required.

Are we enjoying a little outdoor dining? How many times will we remark, “it’s so good to see your face!”? I’ve been slowly stepping out into the world these last few days. I sat outside a coffee shop for 15 minutes people watching and, you know what, “It’s so good to see your faces,” even if I’ve never seen them before. Maybe we can do that at Republique or Black Market or splurge at Vespertine. Perhaps we’re lining up for Ditroit or La Autentica Birrieiria or daybird?

How will we get to this meat space meet-up? Will we carpool? Maybe. Will I take the bus? Maybe, yes. Will I take the metro? Maybe, no.

Will it be to see some art together? Like the Amy Sherald exhibit or Yoshimoto Nara at LACMA? CAAM has several exciting shows closing in May, while Craft Contemporary is opening Making Time in the same month.

Want to go to a game? LAFC and the Sparks should be accepting an increasing number of fans this summer.

I don’t think I’m yet ready for a concert, but I’ll go to the movies with ya.

Are there momentous events of the last year that should be acknowledged, celebrated, or mourned? Let’s do that.

Maybe we’re just taking a walk or sitting in a park or hanging out at your house or mine. I didn’t do nearly enough outdoor hangs as I should or could have over the past 13 months. Still, I would like to take our seeming collective increased appreciation for our habitat with me into what comes next.

You’re invited.

Take my hand.

Let’s go.

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