The nerve of autumn time days flying by, every sunrise healing me.
And we’re okay; we’ll live this way ‘til it’s done.

— Alessia Cara, October

At some point over the summer, The Pattern had a moment in my corners of the internet, and I downloaded the app. A mix of temporal mysticism and prompts for being more intentional and thoughtful in the world; I’ve found it an excellent accompaniment to meditation. Perhaps it’s no less hokum than traditional horoscopes or Vodou or your organized religion of choice, but what are any of those things except a structure with which to think about life? One is no more or less valid than the other when we use them as a playbook for better living.

The Pattern - New Moon - September 27, 2019The Pattern - New Moon - September 27, 2019

With the new moon and the new month came a nudge for setting intentions. Among the prompts to consider, the ones that most resonated were about friendship.

Are you happy with your friendships?

In what ways can you seek out new friendships or connections or add social activities?

In recent months, I haven’t seen my friends as frequently as I would like. Adulthood, even without kids or pets, gets busy. For me, it’s been basketball and homemaking, work travel, and routine. There have not been enough brunches and happy hours, weekend hangs or taco Tuesdays (even if we usually have them on Fridays).

This weekend has been a little different. While trying to get to inbox zero Friday afternoon, I came across the weekend events at Earth-2 Comics. Even though I didn’t have a meaningful connection to the writers scheduled or the featured material, they seemed interesting and things a specific friend would enjoy. I did something I haven’t done enough of lately, I initiated a plan. It came together.

It wasn’t a big deal. We spent maybe 30 minutes in the shop. We bought some new reads and got them signed. We learned about how Algeria would recognize American creativity through comic books in the upcoming week, and the writer, Amy Chu, was on her way there. We walked the boulevard, had lunch, and caught up in all those face-to-face ways that a text message or passively scanning each other’s social media fails. All that stuff remains the director’s commentary of whatever is going on with someone. The real comes out over a plate of curly fries or while avoiding rideshare scooters strewn across the sidewalk.

It wasn’t a big deal, but it was life-affirming. We had a lovely afternoon.

My intention for October is to instigate face time with friends whenever I can. To say yes to plans when I can. To favor checking in over monitoring and meeting up over messaging.

Hokum or not, thanks for the nudge you weirdly prescient app.

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