Made for Now

If you’re livin’ for the moment, don’t stop, and celebrate the feelin’.

— Janet Jackson

This morning’s yoga practice was a meditation. Adriene asked us to honor the endings. In 2018, my version of “honor” has been to say, “thank you.” To cut through the persistent drumbeat of hard and sad and depressing news and find gratitude. Most Sundays this year, I sat in this chair by this window, the sun shining through, music in my ears, and acknowledged all the many things that are wonderful in my life.

And so, on this last Sunday of the year, let us continue the practice.

Thank you, 2018. Thank you for the new people that entered my life and how they enriched it. Thank you for new traditions and commitments. Thank you for the opportunities: especially those chances to be kind, to be honest, to stand up for what I believe in, to be excellent, and to learn.

Thank you, 2018, for my friends and family and the incredible lives they live and invite me to participate in on occasion. Thank you to my spouse, my partner, who challenges me to be a better and more present person while pushing me to think of our future in more concrete ways than just my faith that we gonna be alright.

Thank you, 2018, for time. While I and many others sometimes complained that this year felt like a decade, it provided me more time for books and workouts and cooking and fellowship. I’ve found time for getting better at Spanish and adding new skills to my professional repertoire. There was time for a few great shows, lots of basketball, and a little travel. There was time for movies and the occasional binge watch. There was time for podcasts. There was time for journaling. There was time to make more biscuits.

Thank you, 2018. The times are no less precarious, but I’m no less hopeful. There are too many things and people in my life who are legit changing my world and the world in small and significant ways that I have no other option but to be grateful, joyful, and to have a little realistic optimism about what is yet to come.

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