Better Days

Wondering what lies ahead, we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

— Incognito

I scrolled across this Linda Holmes at some point on my last day of work before vacation this week:

By that evening, I had left my computer turned off at work and put my company issued cell phone out of sight to hasten it being out of mind.

And then there were lots of crazy sounding NBA signings and trades, and my first thought was to talk about it in the office Slack channel where we discuss such things. I posted a few messages and then remembered that tweet. I logged out of work slack on my iPad and my PC and proceeded rapidly to the forgetting.

Instead, I read (finishing Medium Raw and a Supergirl graphic novel and clearing many of the stories that had accumulated in my Pocket queue). I binged Nailed It on an incredibly lazy Friday while nursing a little hangover and avoided the intense heat that swept into Los Angeles and most of the country.

I watched hours of video on YouTube, going down TIny Desk rabbit holes (hi, Tank and the Bangas) and watching the three-part documentary from Top Dawg Entertainment about Jay Rock.

I had breakfast with a friend and a spectacular dinner at Somni with my wife.

I exercised. I did some chores.

I relaxed.

I allowed for time to be my own.

I don’t know the last time I took vacation time where I wasn’t checking in.

So, this week while I’m grateful for many things, what I want to acknowledge is that little nudge.

“Go forget us.”

I did.

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