Podcast Episodes I Liked This Week: Racist Food Edition

The one thing I find I have trouble sharing to my circle these days are podcast episodes. Episodes are hard to share from within most apps. The context in which I am usually listening isn’t conducive to sharing.

Hey! I have a woefully underutilized blog.

Here are some podcast episodes I rather enjoyed this week:

Is This Food Racist?

I haven’t been listening to Dan Pashman’s podcast as religiously as I had been. One of the last episodes I listened to sparked the current series that’s being discussed on this episode of On The Media. It’s a great convo but what I most like is that it validates my suspiciousness of Rick Bayless. It also got me to revisit The Sporkful.


I love bourbon. I love true crime. I love Phoebe Judge’s voice. This episode of Criminal so relevant to my interests.

Crimble Bramble

Sampler Show is such a great concept: a podcast about podcasts. This edition examines a space of the podcast world I’m never in, comedy. More than that, I always enjoy hearing Reply All’s Alex and PJ banter as friends and colleagues. I don’t think I’ll be trying any of the shows mentioned but I was entertained.

Small Batch: The Real Housewives of the Potomac

This is the one series of The Real Housewives Tiffany isn’t watching (I don’t think) but this brief Pop Culture Happy Hour conversation kinda makes me wanna binge watch some weekend soon. It also features Sampler Show’s host Brittany Luse so, you know, synergy.

Sighting The Sites Of The New Orleans Slave Trade

I’m obsessed with Tripod. It is fascinating and infuriating and is the kind of history storytelling I wish we got in our education system. The reminder that one million people were bought and sold all over New Orleans—my second favorite city in the country—and that we rarely reckon or remind ourselves of this fact is the core of this episode. I will not forget the next time I walk by or into the Omni Hotel. And I just might sneak into the hotel pool. For the ancestors.

Your turn. What podcast episodes did you love this week?

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