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Searching. Questions. Answers.

“Rarity glistened sharp/the memory of silver tooth bark/Bathed led light history/Fractured into pieces.” – Hiatus Kaiyote, The World it Softly Lulls

Heathervescent—a name that brings up memories of a previous era of Internet—said something to the effect of “We should bring old school blogging back.”

That resonated.

Before getting on a plane to Portland, yesterday, I tweeted:


While standing in the XOXO badge pick-up line making small talk with others who happened to be from Los Angeles, I found it.

It was solidified this morning as I introduced myself to others while waiting in another line (this time for Pine State Biscuits) and yearned for words that meant something.

I longed for my 2005 SXSW self when I could be described as a blogger of note and editor of an independent site about Los Angeles. Today, my work for corporations—a thing I did back then to pay the bills just as I do now—has overcome all else. My twitter bio reads “Trying to make good stuff every day. Occasionally succeeding.” but for whom? Not nearly enough just for me.

Across from The Park at Washington High sits Sweetpea Baking Company where Gary Hirsch’s “Questions for Humans: Joy Wall” was recently painted.

What’s my inspiration? In the first few hours of XOXO, it’s to be more human. On the Internet and everywhere else.

And I’m most human when I’m writing.

Here I am. 

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