2015 and I’m really in love with you

“Oh how I love the little things you do.”D’Angelo and The Vanguard, Really Love

In my 2014 Annual Report, I kept coming back to the phrases “make cool shit. Every day.” but Jhames said something on twitter that resonated with me.


So, for 2015, a modification:

This is the motto: Make good shit. Every day. Fight for greatness. Swing for the fences. Expect failure but don’t run from it. Learn from it. Get better. Keep it moving.

And demand and expect good shit from others. Celebrate it when it comes. Challenge what doesn’t.

In all aspects of life. Let’s go.

Also, Love more. Out loud. Show and tell. Regularly. Mean it. 


Be not denied. Be dogged in the face of oppression and obstinance. Do not hide in the confines of economic comfort. To do so is to trade your soul for leisure. It’s not a fair one.

And, as always, see more, do more, live more. Allow the world to inspire you.

You and me, 2015? We go together.

And the next 365 days is the story of how we got over.

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