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These Three Words

“Got sucked into a culture, living like I do.”SBTRKT, Living Like I Do (Feat. Sampha)

There’s a moment in Best Man Holiday when Harper asks his friends what are the three words that define who they are. His reason for asking is a bit duplicitous but I thought it was an interesting question.

Curiosity. Compassion. Kindness.

I am many other things, I’m sure, and I am also sure that there are times when I am not these things but if you were to label me as such, I wouldn’t quarrel.

But who needs labels anyway?

What's Your Label? by Zach WeinersmithWhat's Your Label? by Zach Weinersmith

What’s Your Label? by Zach Weinersmith

But maybe I’m wrong. How might you define me?

More importantly, how might you define yourself?

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