Out My Mind, Just In Time

“Round and Round I seem to go.”Erykah Badu, Out My Mind, Just in Time 

Some random thoughts that I need to get out of my head… 

Tiffany wrote a book called Jump Start HTML5 Basics that’s available for digital download. It’s the first in a series about the wonders of HTML5. I wasn’t allowed to read it before it was published so be like me and spend a few bucks to see what’s ticking in her mind.

I made a few updates to Louisville is for Lovers. Here’s a picture:


I’ve become hooked on Rdio. A friend hipped me to a feature I wasn’t using (Play Later) which is simple yet awesome way to collect music for future listening without having to generate your own playlist like I had been doing. The music service also launched a recommendations feature recently that I’m already digging. Rdio is encouraging me to be more of an album listener than a shuffler. I still love my stations but I’m quicker to jump out of them and go listen to a full album than I have been in the past. I’m going to go broke buying albums that I’ve discovered there.

I’ve added red and burgundy into my closet for fall. I realized yesterday as I checked out my new henley in the mirror, that this is the first time I’ve worn red regularly in maybe 25 years. Old middle school fears about Crips and Bloods turn into habits that die hard. Even as I walked around Miracle Mile at lunch today, it lingered in the back of my head that maybe somebody would roll up on me and ask, “What set you claim?” Silly. (It probably didn’t help that I listened to Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City this morning, though).

TV. I don’t know if this is a fleeting feeling or representative of a meaningful shift in my life but, I’m tending towards turning the telly off and turning my kindle on more often this season. I still love my shows but, I’m loving fewer of them. Meanwhile, words—mine and yours—are proving endlessly interesting. If only there were enough time for them all.

Well, all of them, and Marvel Avengers Alliance on Facebook. I fear I’ll be on my death bed still trying to acquire the latest hero and complaining about PvP.

Add me. LVL 197.


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