A Couple Updates

“They call us dirty cause we break all your rules down.”Janelle Monáe, Q.U.E.E.N.

One Year After “The Red Wedding”

My friend and colleague Kim also wrote about last week’s odd anniversary. Also, it was nice to hear from some folks I hadn’t talked to in awhile and reminisce. There was something comforting in all the calm, and peace, and uncertainty in many of our hearts and minds. Nothing wrong with change if you know when to roll and when to push.

Turn Your Rdio Up

After a little over a week with rdio, I have thoughts:

  • Community features are awesome. There’s something elegant about how it tracks and showcases user/friend behavior. Informative without feeling voyeuristic.
  • Rdio’s apps are way strong. And being able to pick up right where I left off listening from my laptop to my iPad to my phone is a spectacular feature that I didn’t know I was missing.
  • Getting used to the radio features of rdio. I think I like them but am having to train my personal station a little more than I expected.
  • I wish you could start radio based on a playlist. I used this all the time on Spotify because sometimes even my regularly updated workout playlist feels stale.
  • I miss the last.fm app inside of spotify as a way to easily capture recommended albums.
  • I’m listening to Electric Lady on it right now.

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