2013 and I’ve Got Air Coming Through My Nose!

“And I know my days are numbered just the same as everyone but I found out that life without love is just no fun.” Annette Poindexter, Wayward Dream

A month ago, I resolved to dream. In the month since, I’ve tried to do as much of that as I could in between big life events, travel, and just everything.  And nothing. In the course, and not through any plan on my part, I feel like I’ve matured. I understand a bit more about life and the part I see myself playing.

I also read C.C. Chapman’s Amazing Things Will Happen and did a few of the exercises he suggested in finding my direction for this moment. The most effective of these were those that asked me to write some things down in a notebook (or in my case, type them in my evernote journal) and revisit them and think about them until I found the thread tying my thoughts and feelings and ideas together into something cohesive. I thought of it as finding the beat. Catching the rhythm. 

So, at this moment, for 2013, I have come up with the following as my goals/tasks for the year:


Essentially, I want to be a part of making awesome things that people I respect and admire will respect and admire. I plan to do this both professionally and personally. With Examiner.com. With Menu & Hours. With Taproot. With an idea that started tumbling around in my head this week. Hold me to it.

Be More Invested

  • In the lives of those I love
  • In the moment
  • In my own well-being

Go Outside and See, Do, Live.

My monitors are a cage. Gilded ones that I find great value in but the world is out there. Peace of mind, clarity of thought, and little moments of magic are much more likely out of doors. And, when I’m outside, head up, eyes wide open, I’m reminded I’m alive.

If I need a kick in the pants, I will come back to this post, read the above, watch below, and keep it movin’. Let’s go!

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