“None of us trying to lose.” Wale, The Number Won (Competition)

Do the extra work not because you have to but because it’s a privilege. – Seth Godin*

Scene: Interior. The couch. Family room. Our house. 1am.

The infomercials are coming on. The house is quiet but for the creaks and the click-clacking of the keyboard. It’s work. Extra work, even. I fire off an email right before closing the laptop. “I’m having fun :-)” is the opening stanza.

I’d repeat those words again at lunch  today. It’s been the key phrase of the week.

I’ve been working on a few projects over the last month, none of them for pay. These are passion projects for friends or for myself that happen to take advantage of my career skills and talents. There are real constraints in these projects but not around how I work on them.

I get to use the tools I want. I get to try things and say things and imagine the infinite possibilities.

There’s no system. Processes are yet to be defined. My role itself undefined beyond “helper monkey” “trusted advisor” “that dude”.

And I’m having fun.

I could get used to this.

*hat tip to Michelle who quoted that Seth Godin bit on her tumblr today.

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  1. potters pen

    Great energy in this. So glad you have an opportunity to use your powers for good!


    1. Jason Toney

      "Great energy in this."That statement made my day. Thank you.


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