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  • How to Read and other links for my last day of PTO

    The love of my life shared this piece by Kate Harding yesterday and as she tweeted: [this is good] “Today’s reader will simply not accept the baton being passed. If something is unclear, the author must expand; if something offends, the author must account and atone.” I was drawn to fashion articles this week, including […]

  • My Favorite Music of 2014

    “When everything’s clear like cold water go feel better.“ – Little Dragon, Klapp Klapp I rather enjoyed music this year. As I spent time re-listening to albums and songs in preparation for this post, I realized how much music I heard that I thought was genuinely good and interesting. In the midst of all the […]

  • The Quantified Jason

    “Tell me the truth am I losing you for good?” – Solange, Losing You I didn’t go to the gym yesterday. I bargained with myself around 9pm at the moment when I was either going to put on my tennis shoes or curl up on the couch with Wolverine. I argued that my tooth hurt […]