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  • Drunk on Beyoncé

    “I get filthy when that liquor gets into me.” – Beyoncé, Drunk in Love (feat. Jay Z) I’ve talked about little else other than this album since it released Thursday night. Beyoncé’s self-titled visual experience is worthy of all the acclaim and as people, like myself, have spent an inordinate amount of time listening to […]

  • Amandla!

    “Meadowlands, Meadowlands, ons daak nie ons pola hie” – Nancy Jacobs and Sisters, Meadowlands My understanding of what happened/happens/is happening in South Africa has come through music. Although I experienced Americans railing against apartheid in my youth and remember “Free Nelson Mandela” and his release and the powerful images of people voting for the first […]

  • 8 Moments That Show You Why Art Don’t Sleep in LA

    “A.N.G.E.L.” – Miguel Atwood-Ferguson w/ 60 Piece Orchestra, Angel (feat. Dwele)  What you know about The Beat Junkies? The Mayan Theatre? Andrew Lojero? Carlos Niño? The Gaslamp Killer? J.Rocc? That Syndromes Mixtape? Multiculti LA? And the incredible Miguel Atwood-Ferguson? Those that do be knowin’ congregated at what counts as church for us this past Sunday […]

  • Great Pics of The XX at the Hollywood Bowl Not Taken By Me

    “And every day I’m learning about you. The things that no one else sees.” – The xx, Angels The xx, along with The Chromatics and Austra (who we didn’t make it in time to see), played at The Hollywood Bowl this past Sunday. We got to our pretty solid seats in the terrace section right […]

  • Turn your Rdio Up

    “Round and round, round in circles.” – Myron & E, Going in Circles I’m listening to Heavy Rotation radio on Rdio this morning as I write this post. A track from Shigeto’s latest album is playing. The Heavy Rotation radio station plays music that is being played regularly in my network of friends on the […]

  • The Best Thing This Week: Quadron

    “Open your mind like a child.” – Quadron, It’s Gonna Get You I’ve seen Quadron, and Coco O. specifically, perform live several times now. Three times in the last 12 months, in fact. I’m enamored with Coco’s voice, her delightful energy, her style, and this sense that she’s still amazed that she’s on stage performing […]