To 2017

"Beyond your darkness, I'm your light." - Beyoncé, All Night

I'm still here, motherfucker.

I still love. I still laugh. I will fight.

I'm in the gym getting this body right for the resistance.

I'm giving up beef for environmental reasons. I'm taking my doctor's advice and gonna try to lose these thirty pounds.

I'm in the ear of my representatives. I'm working politically and practically. At home and in states that need it more than my golden one. My money is going to organizations doing the best work for the least protected of us.

What I'm saying, New Year, is you're going to try to test me, test us. Please know that I'm ready.

Tomorrow isn't promised. Progress is precarious. The world is worrisome.

But there is joy, beauty, hope, and possibility around every corner.

And, I'm still here.