Jason Toney, currently of CBS Interactive, and previously of AXS/AEG, Disney Interactive, and Bunim-Murray Productions, is all about digital media. He's held site and content production roles and is presently most interested in data-driven strategy work. This is his personal blog. Yeah, he still does that on occasion.

Finding The Spark

"I'll be saving myself from the ruin." - Elle Goulding, I Know You Care

[M]ost good ideas (whether they're ideas for narrative structure, a particular twist in the argument, or a broader topic) come into our minds as hunches: small fragments of a larger idea, hints and intimations. Many of these ideas sit around for months or years before they coalesce into something useful, often by colliding with another hunch. [...] The problem with hunches is that it's incredibly easy to forget them, precisely because they're not fully-baked ideas.

-Steven Johnson, The Spark File

My spark file isn't long enough. On a morning like this one when I wake without inspiration, I need that spark and the few items in my evernote file just aren't doing it for me.

In the past, I've kept multiple separate files for inspiration but I like Steven Johnson's suggesting of keeping one long file full of good and bad hunches that might allow you to see a through-line of your thoughts. This happens for me when I go back and read through my blog archives or journal. 

So, in absence of a spark, I'm going to work on the Spark File. 

Let's start September engaged, inspired, and ready to create.

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