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"Meadowlands, Meadowlands, ons daak nie ons pola hie" - Nancy Jacobs and Sisters, Meadowlands

My understanding of what happened/happens/is happening in South Africa has come through music. Although I experienced Americans railing against apartheid in my youth and remember "Free Nelson Mandela" and his release and the powerful images of people voting for the first time in that country, I didn't really get it until I saw Amandla! A Revolution in Four Part Harmony a decade ago.

So, yesterday and this morning, these moments after the passing of Madiba at an age I'm sure few ever expected him to reach, I've been moved most by two things: his words and the world's sounds around him.

First the music:


Thank you, Mr. Mandela. 

Thank you for being a wonderful trouble-maker

Humans of Los Angeles

Something's Gotta Give